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Occupations in 1500's & 1600's

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In the 1500's, what did the following occupations entail:
1. Juror
2. Censor
3. having the "Corn duty"

My direct paternal line all held these positions.

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like in your family, 2 ancestors with same occupations

<< ... was, in records, noted as a peasant and Juror at Bosenbach, Palatinate, Germany.
<< In 1587 he is mentioned ... in register of corn duty. >>

<< noted, in 1675 as a Censor, in 1681 a Juror at Bosenbach >>

corn duty, an excise, existed early in a lot of countries.

I would guess that your ancestors' occupation was to keep a book where that tax paid by various people was entered ?

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