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Re : Long Family DNA

Posted: 13 January 2010, 16:14
by glemmens1940

Last year a group of 410 Dutch people had their DNA tested (this year another lot of about 400 Dutch people had theirs tested) and the findings were published in a book "Sons of Adam" ! In a week or so the second book will be pubished about the latest group. You can find the information on :
I find it extremely interesting research , which showed that my family has the J2 Haplogroup which only 4% of the Dutch population seem to have and because the place of origine is near Nijmegen, the oldest Roman city in the Netherlands and because of the Haplogroup J2 they think that we are one of the oldest Roman families.
Hence I think that every genealogist should have their DNA tested !

Good luck with you Long research and sincere regards from a snow covered England,
Gerard Lemmens

Re : Long Family DNA

Posted: 17 January 2010, 05:04
by jackmorter
I agree

Re : Long Family DNA

Posted: 05 April 2010, 15:13
by jwj424
Geneanet does have live people working for them.

Re : Long Family DNA

Posted: 06 May 2010, 19:02
by langolier
I wouldn't invest too much time or effort into 'uploading' your results to Ancestry DNA.  I've been administrator of the Berry Family DNA Project for seven years and the Ancestry database is just much to cumbersome to work with.  We're an 'open' project for the Berry surname and maintain our own website so that we can take results wherever tested.

Someone suggested YSearch and that is a good suggestion.  With your results in YSearch you'll have the opportunity to find matches among the many thousands there.

jim berry

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Berry Family DNA Project

Berry Family DNA blog

Re : Long Family DNA

Posted: 11 May 2010, 14:07
by glemmens1940
I agree, I have found very difficult to work with as their information seem to me very muddled and therefore very expensive. I find it also irritating that having uploaded my two (mine and my wife's) family trees, it then seems difficult when you stop paying them to access your work on their web site and the additional information they claim to have but which is not accessable.

if you research Dutch families it is much easier as they have mostly their own web sites (easily to find on - and you do not have to pay a penny !! Geneanet is fantastic and not expensive for a Privelege Membership !!!

Good hunting,

Gerard Lemmens

Re : Long Family DNA

Posted: 25 May 2010, 20:29
by bledjan
Je ne dois pas être au bon endroit, mais je lance quand même un S O S . Je ne peux plus accéder à Généanet en Français, même ma dernière alerte n'était pas en
français. Qu'est ce qui se passe pouvez vous m'aider? Ne me répondez pas sur le forum puisque je ne peux pas le lire.
Voici mon e-mail  Bien cordialement.  Janine Parein

Re : Long Family DNA

Posted: 31 May 2010, 10:51
by jyb
Vous devez juste cliquer sur le petit drapeau français en haut à droite de l'écran. Si cela ne suffit pas, effacez les cookies et historique de votre navigateur web pour corriger le problème.

how do I add my DNA

Posted: 04 April 2019, 04:21
by cachambers
To this web site?

Re: Long Family DNA

Posted: 04 April 2019, 09:38
by jyb
DNA testing is illegal in France so it's not possible to enter DNA data on Geneanet.