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Only 7 matches?

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Only 7 matches?

Post 24 March 2020, 16:23

I am new to this site, and it was recommended by a member of another forum to which I belong. One of my reasons for submitting my data here was because I was told that this is mostly a European populated site. Using GEDmatch I have scads of close and distant cousins, and they all seem to be here in America. However, I was hoping to find some European connections. In the two days I've been on here, only seven (7) other members have shown as my match, and they are all distant matches and all in America as well. I understand that DNA testing is frowned upon in many European countries and sometimes outlawed unless government approval is given. Can anyone tell me the ratio of European members to American members on here? I'm interested in English, Scottish, German, and Italian DNA kits... and from those of course Scandinavian, Irish, French, Greek and other overlapping groups...


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As of today, we have:
- French members: 40%
- American members: 23%
- English members: 5%
- Canadian members: 3%

Thousands of new DNA matches are added every day.
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