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Comparing Apple Music to Google Play Music and Spotify

When Apple bought Beats Audio, headphones were not the main event: Apple wanted Beats Music its online music services. Beats is currently the center of Apple Music. How do they compare with the competition? Find out in our comparison of Apple Music and Google Play Music, as well as Spotify.

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Apple Music starts

Apple Music started operating on June 30 at 11:00 ET, along with iOS 8.4. The first radio show on Beats 1 will broadcast one hour later at 12:00 ET. The Beats 1 will be hosted by former BBC Radio 1 MC Zane Lowe, who will start the style with an interview with Eminem. Other first week interviews included Elton John and Pharrell Williams. 

Apple Music is Apple's new music service that gives you millions of high-quality songs and arouses your love of music.

The app promises to bring a whole new listening experience, with a rich music store, and a team of trusted professionals. All your songs are gathered in one place and you can enjoy them anywhere on your devices.

Google Play Music starts broadcasting radio stations for free

Google brings a free radio service that supports online advertising as a part of Google Play Music on June 23, a week before the launch of Apple Music. This service is available in the US (on the first web and on iOS and Android in late June) and offers a variety of curated radio stations.

This service uses the same content found in paid Google Play Music subscription, but with regular ads, like the free Spotify. The only difference is that you cannot choose your music, you just need to select the wave channel, just like you do on the radio.

If Apple Music decides to offer a free streaming radio service, we will definitely update this article to compare the free versions of these services.

In the main part of this comparison, we will look at paid versions for services - mainly because we do not have three free versions. Spotify has a free area that removes some of the main features and features ads, while the free version of Google Play Music gives you access to radio channels, and uploads your data and purchases. Currently, Apple Music only offers a paid service. Below, we will compare paid online services for each company.

Apple Music with Google Play Music and Spotify: Price

Three number nine appears to be the magic number for online music: Spotify Premium is $9.99 per month, and Google Play Music is also $9.99 per month. Spotify currently offers a free 60-day trial and Google is currently offering 30 days. Apple Music is also $9.99, with the first three months free.

In an interesting move, Apple facilitated an account subscription to cover an entire family at just $14.99 is for six people.

Apple Music with Google Play Music and Spotify: Availability

Both Google Play Music and Spotify are available worldwide, and you can get them on Android, iOS, on Mac and PC and through a web interface. Both services also have an offline mode, so you can download songs to listen to when you are in an area without an Internet connection.
We heard rumors that Apple will bring Apple Music to Android, and rumors turned out to be true - but not only yet: so far Apple Music is for Mac, iOS devices and computers. It will be available in 100 countries from July.

Apple Music with Google Play Music and Spotify: Categories and quality

Both Spotify and Google released categories with more than 30 million songs and delivered at top 320Kbps quality. Apple's iTunes report holds 30 million songs and transmits at 256kbps AAC, but through Apple Music Connect you will also be able to access content not yet available in iTunes.


Imagine that an app that combines what you can buy in stores with the latest music products artists send to SoundCloud (and Instagram, or Facebook) and you will understand the idea of ​​iTunes Connect.

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Apple Music with Google Play and Spotify: What's special about them?

According to legend, Jimmy Lovine shouted on stage at the launch of Apple Music: "ONE ALGORITHM CANNOT DO EMOTIONS", and in a Trent Reznor video set for artists: it's about "respectful sense" for music as an art form, which is not just a pile of money that is put down a pipe.

Just tell Apple Music what kind of music or band you want, it will give suggestions from music experts, who know exactly the emerging artists. Then it creates playlists that you will feel like it’s made by a friend, knowing exactly what you want to hear.
Every genre of music has a team of experts. Each song they recommend is the result of many hours of working with music, listening to melodies, discovering the connection between artists, songs and scenes to make sure that the playlist gives you the right is what you are looking for.

Spotify provides multi-platform, not only iDevices, Android and Windows, Spotify also has web, Linux, wifi speakers, game consoles, smartwatch, and if your home has a smart TV, then it will be compatible on Spotify. See a list of supported devices at

Spotify Connect: I have to say this is Spotify's ultimate feature. You can choose to play and control music from any device. Every time I go home, I just need to change the transmitter and the music immediately played on it, or when I'm lazy to transfer music I can control it by phone. It’s great, isn’t it?

We hope that after reading our article, you can know each music app above clearly then you can find the one that is suitable for your needs to help you relax in your free time. Have fun!

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