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Post 30 May 2021, 19:43

I would like to make my tree private, i checked and noted it is private however when doing a search on google, all this information shows up including my family pictures. This is extremely disturbing to me.

I would like my tree Private, please advise how i can accomplish this.

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Re: Privacy

Post 31 May 2021, 00:50


It looks like you only set living individuals as private at
As indicated, this setting only applies to individuals born less than 100 years ago (or 120 if you select that option in Advanced Options).

As a premium member, you have the option to hide your tree entirely at the bottom of the window on
Note that this will disable automatic matching and other options.

You can modify the access to media files at

If you made a change recently, you may have to wait for Google to reindex the site before the info disappears.

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