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Problems Signing Up For Premium

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I have tried twice with my Mastercard and once with my VISA to sign up for Premium Service.

The message all 3 times told me to contact my bank. I did and they said the reason none went through was that the expiration month was incorrect. I used the drop down box and was VERY careful to make sure I chose the correct month!

I'm wondering if there is an issue with your drop down box for expiration month?

Is there a way I can order Premium by phone?

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Dear Madam,

The authentication failed with your MasterCard. Maybe you did not correctly entered the 3D Secure code sent by your bank. The authentication succeed with your Visa card but the payment failed.

You can try paying via PayPal. Go to then enter your own username as you whish to offer a Premium subscription to yourself.
Best wishes,

Jean-Yves BAXTER

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