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Total Amount Of Matches

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Hello, I'm inquiring about the total amount of matches I currently have, could it be a possibility that I interrupted the matching process.... when uploading my DNA Data... 1 week ago. I've found to only have a total of 15 matches, I am also with My Heritage and with thousands of matches belonging to both sites. Sadly 98% of these belong to my mother Polynesian DNA.
This has been a let down because I have been in search for matches belonging to my fathers DNA, to only have a handful of distant matches combined with My Heritage and then finding that in my 15 matches with Geneanet I have 3 Belonging to my farther, this is very exciting but again too distant to get any closer.
I would be so grateful if anyone has knowledge about the process of Geneanet finding matches and if it is a possibility that I've interrupted the process somehow?
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The only way to stop the process is to remove your DNA data. If you have checked all your actual matches, you will now only get matches from members who upload their DNA data and not from the entire database.
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