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Multiple accounts

Unregistered user (banalbannach)

Multiple accounts

Post 13 January 2020, 16:41

It has been awhile since I signed in to Geneanet, but I could not access it today using my usual email address and password.
The message I received stated I had multiple accounts and I could select a link to see what those accounts were.
It displayed just the one account I've always had; can anyone explain what happened?

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Re: Multiple accounts

Post 14 January 2020, 09:44

You have 2 accounts with your email address:

- "banalbannach": there's a family tree with 16 individuals in this account
- "banalban": there's a family tree with 26 individuals in this account

To reset your password for these accounts, please go to then enter your username or email address.
Best wishes,

Jean-Yves BAXTER

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