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Johann Bauer (Puer, Bour) - who are you?

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Hello folks,

I found some contradicting records on one person, who may as well be 2 persons (or they managed to clone themselves?).

I have an ancestor named Johann Bauer (Joannes Puer) with these records in Sagu (Romania):
First marriage
Second marriage

The first one says:
"Joannes Puer Dominici Puer et Christina con. fi. ex Forsvile in Lotharingia", which match the family of Dominique Bour and Christina Nidecker from Folschviller in Lorraine. See marriage record here on page 23.

The death register records 39 as the age at death, which suggests a birth date around 1755, although death records are often inaccurate in this regard.

Some researchers have identified Johann Bauer with Jean Georges Bour, born in 1740 in Folschviller. Birth record here on page 35.

However, others records show that Jean Georges Bour married Catherine Thil in 1767 (see here on pages 313/314) and they both died on the same day in Fremestroff (Vahl) in 1786. See death records here on page 149.

There are numerous family trees on this website accepting either one or the other destinies of Jean Georges Bour, but never reconciling the both somehow.

There is another sibling called Jean Nicolas Bour born in 1741, but he also has marriage and death records in France.

Was there another child born around 1755 called Jean [Middlename] Bour whose birth records have been lost? If so, they would have been rather young to be one of the colonists making the trip to Banat on their own (parents both died in Folschviller).
Can it be a case of stolen identity? That is also unlikely as there are other Folschviller natives that ended up in the same village that would have recognized them, and they probably took the trip together.

As it stands, neither records can be dismissed, but their conclusions are in conflict.

What are your thoughts / theories / clues?

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Good morning
Few French people read the "English Geneanet".
So if you can translate your question with google translate (short sentences, no jokes, ) and post it in the French Geneanet, your chances of reply would be enhanced.
In the bottom left of this page, change the language to "Français" and click up "Communauté", then "Forums", then "France", then 57 for Moselle.
Maybe change the title to be more explicit, like : Johann Bauer, Folschviller , lequel?
Lequel ?= which one?

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