Collaborative Tree - the General Slocum disaster's families, June 1904, New York City

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Dear genealogists,

A new collaborative family tree has been created, dedicated to the victims and survivors of the General Slocum steamboat disaster in New York, June 15, 1904. If you are interested in German-American and NYC genealogy, please consider getting involved! The family tree:

Our blog post:

There were over a thousand dead in the German-American community of New York's Kleindeutschland, nearly all women and children on a Sunday school annual picnic excursion, who died from burns and drowning. However, an accurate passenger count during boarding was not made, and frequent misspellings of German names in the original lists and newspaper reports added to the confusion. Dozens of people went missing; 61 bodies were unidentifiable and were buried together under a monument in All Saints Lutheran cemetery ( Even today, over a century later, there is no exhaustive list of the dead and missing. Our goal is to reconstitute their genealogies; there are many descendants of survivors.

The disaster was preventable, the direct result of negligence, incompetence and greed. Steamboat inspections in the United States were reinforced as a direct result. However, the victim's families never received aid or compensation from the owner or government, and this disaster - the worst in New York City until September 11, 2001 - has been largely forgotten. More information about the disaster is here:

This discussion thread is meant for family tree editors to exchange hints, advice, and remarks, but naturally anyone can participate here.

If you would like "Admin" access rights to add to or edit the tree, it's essential to read the data entry instructions first:

When you have understood the data entry procedures and you are ready to work independently, contact us at [email protected] with "General Slocum" in the subject line to ask for "Admin" access (please do not ask in this thread or elsewhere on the forum, such requests may not be processed quickly).

Best of luck in your genealogy research, and thanks again for your participation!
Sean D.
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