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The Walter Family

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The Walter Family

Post 03 June 2019, 21:44

I am working on a family history project in school right now and I had some questions about my great grandparents. My grandfather's name is frank Walter, and his parents were named Rudolph Walter and Liesel Kurtz Walter. I was wondering if there is any information on Liesel and Rudolph's place of birth, place of death, date of death, date of birth or marriage dates.

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do you have any idea of the number of Rudolph Walter in the world ? ;)

let's start at the beginning:

what Continent are we talking about ?

you know your birth date, so:

add about 25 to 30 years to it, to get your father birth date, if you don't know it.

25 to 30 .... etc

try to guess what year your great grandfather was born.

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