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Vogel family from Gremsdorf, Bavaria, Germany

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I am looking for any information on the Vogel family from Gremsdorf, Germany. George Vogel was born around 1844. His wife Kunigunda Frank born around the same time. They had 5 children: Adam Vogel, b. 1864, immigrated to the US; Andreas Vogel, b. 1870, immigrated to the US; George Vogel, immigrated to the US; Margaret Vogel, b. 1867, immigrated to the US; and Kunigunda Vogel, b. aft. 1867 and stayed in Gremsdorf, Germany, married and had 13 children. In 1938 Kunigunda was a widow, still liviing in the family home in Gremsdorf.

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But, there is already a post on another Vogel family: posted 2009 and did not get any answer.

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