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Finding Great grandparents from France

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Am wondering where High Rhine Dept, France. My great grandfather Franic Shelly was born here and I can not find any information on him. I am hoping to get some information and he and his wife left by ship to come to America in the early 1800's.
If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated.

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High Rhine Dept, France - departement du Haut Rhin

you should post there:

you have to give more details - as much as possible :
wife's name, their ages. Children ? ....

If you don't speak French, post here and I [or somebody else] will translate it and post it in the French part of the Forum.

or use Google translate.

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Franic Shelly
Francis Shelley - 14 octobre 1789 in your tree ?

the names Shelley or Shelly do not look very French.

Did they change it ?

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They are dozens of trees on ancestry [is one yours ?] :
Francois Francis Chaillet Schellet Chellet Shelley
I think that Schellet is Germanisation of Chellet

Frederic Chaillet BIRTH 1720 • France

Francois Schellet BIRTH 1750 • France

Francois Francis Chellet Shelley BIRTH 14 octobre 1789 Territoire de Belfort, France

So, his real name must have been Chellet or Chaillet or Schellet, which makes more sense than Shelley

<< they came in the early 1800's >>

according to these trees:

last child born in France: Victoria Shelley 20 Mar 1832 • Grosne, Territoire de Belfort

1st child born in the States was Peter Shelley 15 Apr 1833 • Richland County, Ohio

I NEVER trust trees. But it's a starting point of what to verify.

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