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    Greenland, officially part of the Kingdom of Denmark, is the largest non-continental island in the world. Despite its enormous size, Greenland has a population of just 56,000 people, ranking it as the least densely populated country.Most of the population live in the southern part of Greenland, particularly the southwestern coast area. The vast majority of Greenlanders are Inuits (a culturally distinct group of Eskimos), with a significant Danish minority. The official language is Greenlandic, but large parts of the population speak Danish and English as well. The island – a former Danish colony – is today categorized as a “constituent country with some degree of autonomy and home rule,” but still tied to Denmark.This CollectionUsers may find the following details for individuals found in the census (where available):NameGenderRelation to HeadMarital StatusBirth DateBirth PlaceResidenceOccupation
    Greenland, Denmark, Censuses, 1834-1870 (1834 - 1870) Index completed

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