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    This collection contains various lists of residents living in Estonian towns and rural municipalities from 1784 to 1944. These documents serve as population registers and contain personal and family information about inhabitants of each administrative unit, regardless of their social status or religion.This collection covers two historical eras: Estonia under the Russian Empire until 1917, in which records were kept in German and Russian, and the Estonian Republic from 1918 to 1940, in which records were kept in Estonian. The structure and format of the records vary between regions and over time. There are also gaps in certain periods and places because some of the municipal archives were not preserved.Using this collectionA census offers a snapshot of a family or a person's life on a specific date. You can learn more about an ancestor's work, religion, ethnic heritage, and place of citizenship. Used with information from other censuses, information in these records can reveal long-term trends in an ancestor's life.The following details may be found in these records:NamesAgeBirth dateBirthplaceRelationship to the head of the householdOccupationNationalityCitizenshipReligionPlace of last residenceDeath dateWhen dealing with dates in these records, it is important to keep in mind that Estonia switched to the Gregorian calendar in 1918.
    Estonia, Census, Tax and House Lists (1784 - 1944)

    4,743,945 records