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Origin of first name

Anthony :
(Greek.) From the Greek, a flower, flourishing, beautiful, graceful.
Name day: January 17 (Anthony)
Variants: Aantonius, Aantoon, Anonio, Ant, Ante, Anteunis, Anth, Anthenis, Antheun, Antheunis, more Antheunus, Antho, Anthoesne, Anthoin, Anthoine, Anthoinin, Anthoinio, Anthoinius, Anthoinne, Anthoinoz, Anthoisne, Anthome, Anthon, Anthone, Anthoney, Anthoni, Anthonii, Anthonij, Anthonijus, Anthonin, Anthonio, Anthonios, Anthonioz, Anthonis, Anthoniuis, Anthonium, Anthonius, Anthoniy, Anthonne, Anthonni, Anthonnius, Anthonnus, Anthonny, Anthonon, Anthonum, Anthonus, Anthonye, Anthonyn, Anthonyo, Anthoon, Anthoyne, Anthoynne, Anthuene, Anthuenis, Anthunis, Anthy, Antione, Antionio, Antne, Anto, Antoenij, Antoenis, Antoin, Antoine, Antoinens, Antoini, Antoinii, Antoinin, Antoinio, Antoinius, Antoinne, Antoinum, Antoinus, Antoione, Antoisne, Anton, Antone, Antonello, Antonetto, Antoney, Antoni, Antonie, Antonii, Antoniio, Antoniius, Antonij, Antonijus, Antonim, Antonin, Antoninio, Antoninium, Antoninius, Antonino, Antoninum, Antoninus, Antonio, Antonios, Antonioz, Antonis, Antonisz, Antonium, Antonius, Antoniy, Antoniz, Antonn, Antonni, Antonnio, Antonny, Antono, Antonoi, Antonues, Antonum, Antonus, Antony, Antonye, Antonyn, Antonyo, Antonys, Antoon, Antouene, Antouesne, Antoyne, Antoyno, Antton, Anttoni, Anttonij, Anttonio, Anttonnio, Anttono, Antuenies, Antuenis, Antuenus, Antuono, Athoine, Atoine, Atonio, Autoine, Danthoine, Dantoine, Dantoinne, Enthoine, Entoine, Entoinne, Hantoine, Thoine, Toine, Toinne, Tonin, Tonino

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