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5. Online Municipal Archives

Several historical events and colonization have lead French people to emigrate such as Huguenots in the Netherlands, England, Germany and Switzerland, and pioneers of New France in America. Here are some information to help you trace your French ancestors.

Some genealogical records are kept in local town halls where they are called Municipal Archives (Archives Municipales).

Some of these genealogical records have been digitized and made public online.

Here is the list of these Municipal Archives websites where you can expect to find free online parish & civil registers, censuses and military archives.

On some of the following websites, you will also find photographs, newspapers and much more archives.

Aix-en-Provence: Parish & civil registers: http://aix.arkotheque.fr/

Alès: Parish & civil registers, censuses, military archives: http://www.alescevennes.fr/portal/portal/ac/culture/archives-municipales/presentation-archives-municipales

Amiens: Parish & civil registers: http://www.amiens.fr/institutions/archives-municipales/archives-en-ligne/archives-en-ligne.html

Angoulème: Parish & civil registers: http://www.angouleme.fr/archives/

Aubervilliers: Parish & civil registers: http://www.aubervilliers.fr/rubrique306.html

Avignon: Parish & civil registers, censuses: http://archives.avignon.fr/

Bastia: Parish & civil registers: http://www.bastia.fr/rubrique.php?id_rub=archives_etat_civil

Besançon: Parish & civil registers, censuses: http://memoirevive.besancon.fr/?id=210

Blois: Parish & civil registers: http://archives.blois.fr/

Bonifacio: Parish & civil registers, censuses: http://www.bonifacio-mairie.fr/corse-du-sud/bonifacio.php?id=93

Bordeaux: Civil registers: http://archives.bordeaux.fr/fr

Bourg-en-Bresse: Parish & civil registers, censuses: http://archives.bourgendoc.fr/

Brest: Parish & civil registers: http://archives.mairie-brest.fr/

Brive: Parish & civil registers: http://archives.brive.fr/

Cannes: Parish & civil registers: http://www.cannes.com/fr/culture/archives-municipales.html

Chassieu: Censuses: http://www.archives-chassieu.fr/

Châtenay-Malabry: Parish & civil registers, censuses: http://archives.chatenay-malabry.fr/

Cholet: Parish registers: http://www.cholet.fr/archives/

Gennevilliers: Parish & civil registers: http://archives.ville-gennevilliers.fr/

Grenoble: Parish & civil registers, censuses: http://archives.grenoble.fr/

La Roche-sur-Yon: Civil registers: http://archives.ville-larochesuryon.fr/

Le Havre: Parish & civil registers, censuses: http://archives.lehavre.fr/

Lorient: Parish & civil registers, censuses: http://archives.lorient.fr/

Lyon: Parish & civil registers, censuses: http://www.archives-lyon.fr/

Metz: Parish & civil registers, censuses: https://archives.metz.fr/

Meudon: Civil registers, censuses: http://www.meudon.fr/patrimoine-historique/archives-municipales-316.html

Montbéliard: Parish & civil registers: http://archives.montbeliard.com/

Montrouge: Parish & civil registers: http://archives.ville-montrouge.fr/

Nantes: Parish & civil registers, censuses: http://www.archives.nantes.fr/

Orléans: Parish & civil registers, censuses: http://archives.orleans.fr/

Pau: Parish & civil registers, censuses: http://archives.agglo-pau.fr/

Pontoise: Parish & civil registers, censuses: http://archives.ville-pontoise.fr:2487/

Porto-Vecchio: Civil registers: http://archives.porto-vecchio.fr/archive/recherche/etatcivil/n:1

Quimper: Parish & civil registers, censuses: http://mnesys-archives.quimper.fr/

Reims: Civil registers: http://www.reims.fr/fr/culture-patrimoine/archives-municipales-et-communautaires/archives-numerisees-en-ligne/etat-civil.htm

Rennes: Parish & civil registers, censuses: http://www.archives.rennes.fr/

Romans-sur-Isère: Parish & civil registers, censuses, military archives: http://www.archives-ville-romans.fr/

Roncq: Parish & civil registers, censuses:

Roscoff: Parish & civil registers: http://www.roscoff.fr/-Archives-.html

Rueil-Malmaison: Parish & civil registers: http://archives.mairie-rueilmalmaison.fr/

Saint-Cloud: Parish & civil registers: http://stcloud.gestform.com/

Saint-Denis: Parish & civil registers, censuses, military archives: http://archives.ville-saint-denis.fr/

Saint-Etienne: Parish & civil registers, censuses: https://archives.saint-etienne.fr/

Sceaux: Parish & civil registers: http://archives.sceaux.fr/

Tarbes: Parish & civil registers, censuses: http://www.archives.tarbes.fr/

Toulouse: Parish & civil registers, censuses: http://www.archives.mairie-toulouse.fr/

Vitry-sur-Seine: Civil registers: http://www1.arkhenum.fr/am_vitry_ec/

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