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Get a grave photo

Ask the genealogy community for help!

You know where your ancestor is buried, but you can't go to take a photo of their grave? Geneanet can help you find a volunteer to take that photo for you!

This service is based on reciprocity. You must agree to be contacted from time to time to take photos in a cemetery, depending on your availability.

Before making the first request, you must specify the places where you can go to take photos.

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How does it work?

Send a request

Select the cemetery and give as much information as possible about the location of the requested grave.

Geneanet will search for a member

Geneanet will contact members who are likely to be able to help you, based on the places already entered in the database.

The member takes the photo for you

Once in contact, the member will take the photos you have requested, and will send them to you.

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