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Why uploading my DNA data to Geneanet?

Geneanet is the most important genealogy website in Europe. More than 7 billion individuals are indexed thanks to 4 million members worldwide and more than 1 million family trees shared.

A service for finding your DNA relatives

This service allows you to find relatives who have taken a DNA test with any provider. In this way, all people who have taken a DNA test can meet on Geneanet.

And if you publish your family tree, some options will help you find the common ancestors you share with your DNA relatives:

  • Some common data can be found in your family tree and the ones of your DNA relatives. This will let you know the family names and place names you share with your DNA relatives, and to find common ancestors.
  • If you are a Premium member, you can automatically get the list of common ancestors you share with your DNA relatives.

If you don’t have a Geneanet family tree, don’t hesitate to create it. You can also import a GEDCOM file if you already have a family tree on another genealogy website or software. You will get access to all Geneanet DNA options!

Most of our members have a Geneanet family tree so you can easily find your common ancestors.

A free service

Geneanet DNA is a free service. Unlike some other websites, you can upload your DNA data, publish your family tree, contact a DNA relative, browse their family tree, and find common family names and place names, for free.

The Premium subscription is not required to use this service. It offers additional options like the automatic family tree matching.

An open model under the regulation of the GDPR

We are located in Paris, France, and your data are hosted on servers located in the European Union, and thus under the regulation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Like for family trees, you keep the ownership and the control over your data. You can remove your DNA data at any time.

At Geneanet, we do genealogy and only genealogy. You are the owner of your data and they will not be used for any purpose other than that expressly consented.

We have a Contributive, Collaborative and Freemium model. This model allow us to provide multiple free services based on mutual aid and sharing. Our economic model is based on Premium subscription. Premium members take advantage of additional options and services, and give us the freedom to provide free services like Geneanet DNA.

Upload your DNA data

Need help?

Go to our forum to ask for help on any topic related to the Geneanet website or if you need help with your family history research.

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