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How to upload your DNA data to Geneanet?

1. Download your DNA data from the website where you have taken your DNA test.

We actually accept DNA tests from (click the links to see how to download your DNA data from these websites):

Living DNA,

2. Click “DNA” then “Upload DNA data” in the Geneanet menu bar.

Or click this link then drag and drop your DNA data file in the “Upload a raw DNA data (autosomal)” section or select it on your device.

You must upload the zip file you have downloaded. Do not unzip the file.

3. Is this your own DNA or someone else’s DNA?

Select “Your DNA” or “Someone else’s DNA” above the red button “Upload the DNA data”.

You can upload as many DNA data files as you want to Geneanet, and it can be your own DNA data or the DNA data of any family member or relative.

4. Link your DNA data to a person.

Please read

5. Your DNA matches.

You will be notified when new DNA matches are available: a numbered red dot will show up on the bell icon at the top right of the screen.

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