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Uploaded by : Erick DELAMARRE (delamarre)
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Date Last Name First Name Father's Last Name Mother's Last Name Mother's First Name Note
14/04/1667 (illisible) Pierre (illisible) (illisible) Françoise p:xx CHEVILLARD, m:Anne LEPELLETIER
25/02/1619 (illisible) un garçon (illisible) (illisible) Marguerite
01/03/1681 (illisible) Louise (illisible) (illisible)
20/03/1619 (illisible) une fille (illisible) POTTIER (illisible) [nom de même époque : FUSEE]
14/10/1680 (illisible) (illisible) (illisible) xILLOT Perrette ?
10/03/1716 (illisible) Marie Louise Charlotte Abraham CHARDON Marie de religion réformée, p:Charles DARBICHE, m:Marie Jeanne CHAUSSEE, de Villiers
19/09/1614 (illisible) Orlenne (F) Charles MONGROLLE Charlotte p:Nicolas MOREAU, m:Orlenne SIMON
xx/xx/1662 (illisible) un garçon Dominique OGER Barbe (entre avril et juin) p:Nicolas TRUDON, m:Suzanne DESHUISSARD
01/11/1779 ABIT Victoire Antoine ABIT Marie Jeanne p:Jean Baptiste REGNIER, m:Marguerite MEIGNAN
08/01/1774 ABIT Marie Denise Antoine ABIT Marie Jeanne p:Philippe ABIT, m:Marie Angélique JUDAS
10/12/1766 ABIT Marie Anne Antoine ABIT Marie Jeanne p:François BERTHIER
14/11/1768 ABIT Charles Antoine Antoine ABIT Marie Jeanne p:Charles SCOQUART, m:Jeanne Marguerite LEVESQUE
20/07/1788 ABIT Marie Geneviève Françoise Antoine ABIT Marie Jeanne p:François ANSELINE
24/02/1776 ABIT Jeanne Marguerite Antoine ABIT Marie Jeanne p:Louis BERTHAULT, m:Jeanne Marguerite BERTIER
26/07/1778 ABIT Pierre Louis Antoine ABIT Marie Jeanne p:Jean Pierre GIBERT, m:Marguerite BERTHAULT
27/06/1782 ABIT Marie Geneviève Antoine ABIT Marie Jeanne p:Etienne BERTHIER, m:Marguerite VANTEL
29/04/1785 ABIT Nicolas Vincent Antoine ABIT Marie Jeanne p:Nicolas Vincent BREVET, m:Marie Anne ABIT
29/05/1771 ABIT Marguerite Antoine ABIT Marie Jeanne p:Fiacre Etienne LEVESQUE, m:Jeanne Marguerite GAUDIN
02/04/1702 ABIT Louis Antoine JUDAS Marguerite p:Jacques ROGER de Villiers, m:Jeanne GIVERNE
03/09/1707 ABIT Marguerite Antoine JUDAS Marguerite m:Nicole ABIT