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URL Date Wife Name Wife First Name Husband Name Husband First Name 1864/05/18 ACCARY Antoinette Marie JOLY Jean Claude 1863/09/21 LAMY Marie ACCARY Gabriel 1863/06/23 ACCARY Jeanne MARAY Claude 1870/06/11 PERMOREL Marie Fleurine ACCARY Pierre Marius 1868/06/25 ACHINKE Anne MICHAUD Benoit 1872/09/02 MATRAY Marie Victorine ALIX Jean Louis 1862/09/24 ASTAFAR Françoise PLAFRE Marie Auguste 1864/06/15 SAFRET Claudine Marie AUBERGER Jean Alexis 1867/04/22 LAROCHE Julie Rose AUBONNET Benoit Oscar 1864/11/16 DESMURER Alphonsine AUBONNET Etienne Marie 1863/09/23 FAVRE Marie Anoinette Anne AUBONNET Claude Marie 1865/02/27 LACARELLE Anne Flrentine AUBONNET Benit Marie 1863/01/28 CARNELOUP Marie AUBONNET Jean Claude 1866/10/13 DUFAILLY Pierrette AUBONNET Jean Marie 1869/06/11 FILLON Marie AUBONNET Jean Marie 1863/01/28 AUBONNET Marguerite LEFRANC Benoit Marie Auguste 1872/11/21 JOLIVET Marie Christine AUBOYER Benoit 1863/02/25 AUCLER Antoinette BONNEFOND Etienne 1878/08/24 AUCLER Marie LACOTE Claude Marie Felix 1870/03/22 HAUTETE Joanne Joséphine AUDECOND Phillémon