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Uploaded by : Richard DARNAULT (rdarnault)
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Parish Date Number/Source Number/Source Last Name First Name Gender Age
Saint Médard 23/02/1768 GG S000001 ROZET Catherine F
Saint Médard 14/03/1768 GG S000002 DUPLAN Jeanne Sophie F
Saint Médard 14/03/1768 GG S000003 GIRAULT Etienne M
Saint Médard 15/03/1768 GG S000004 BERGER Marie Jeanne F
Saint Médard 29/03/1768 GG S000005 DUMAGNY Thibault M
Saint Médard 31/03/1768 GG S000006 TOURAINE Jeanne F
Saint Médard 01/04/1768 GG S000007 PACHOT Pierre M
Saint Médard 02/04/1768 GG S000008 CHAMFRAUD Guilleaume M
Saint Médard 23/04/1768 GG S000009 MORIN Guilleaume M
Saint Médard 02/05/1768 GG S000010 RONDE Etienne M
Saint Médard 07/05/1768 GG S000011 MOULIN Marie Helene F
Saint Médard 09/06/1768 GG S000012 DARNAUD- D'ARNAUD Anne F
Saint Médard 23/06/1768 GG S000013 N Genevieve F
Saint Médard 25/06/1768 GG S000014 N Anne F
Saint Médard 04/07/1768 GG S000015 DESCHAMPS Pierre Cin M
Saint Médard 13/07/1768 GG S000016 CHANT- CHAUT Anne F
Saint Médard 21/07/1768 GG S000017 BAUDRY Jean M
Saint Médard 22/07/1768 GG S000018 GODARD Pierre Jean M
Saint Médard 25/07/1768 GG S000019 BERGER Françoise F
Saint Médard 03/08/1768 GG S000020 GAUCHET Fils M