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Origin of the name HENRY

Origin & Meanings
Verstegan derives this name from Einrick, ever rich; others from Herrick, rich lord or master; Camden, from the Latin Honoricus, honorable. Kilian writes it Heynrick Heymrick, i.e., rich at home.
It is said that Donald, a son of the Earl of Lennox, for his bravery in battle, had his name changed by the king to Napier. After the battle, as the maimer is, every one advancing and setting forth his own acts, the king said unto them, Ye have all done valiantly, but there is one among you who hath 'Na Pier,' and the king gave him lands in Fife and Goffurd. The name came, however, from taking charge of the king's napery or linen at the coronation of English kings, an office held by William De Hastings, in the time of Henry I.
Local. From the town of Nogent, in the province of Champagne, France. The Nugents went from England into Ireland in the time of Henry II.
William, son of Roger Fitz Valevine, took the name of Howard from being born in the Castle of Howard, in Wales, in the time of Henry I. Spelman derives Howard from Hof-ward, the keeper of a hall; Vestegan, from Hold-ward, the keeper of a stronghold; Camden, from Hoch-ward, the high keeper.
A native of Hainault, which country was called Hanway, in the time of Henry VIII.
The son of Henry.
Local. A town in Lincolnshire, England, the birth-place of Henry IV. The brook or bridge near the round hill.
The son of Henry (which see).
Local. The name of a canal, cut by the order of Henry VIII, from the great marsh near Lincoln, England, to the Trent. Fosse-dyke.
This family derive their origin from the old Counts of Briony or Biony, in Normandy, a descendant of whom, Herveius Fitz Walter, accompanied the Conqueror into England. His son, Theobold, went with Henry II into Ireland, where, having greatly assisted in the reduction of the kingdom, he was rewarded with large possessions there, and made it the place of his residence. The king afterward conferred on him the office of chief Butler of Ireland, whence his descendants, the Earls of Ormond and others, took the surname of De Boteler or Butler.
The son of Henry.
The son of Henry.
The son of Hendrik or Henry.
Little Hal, or Henry, the diminutive termination ett being added, as Willett, Ellett
An abbreviation of courteous. It may be from Curthose, a name given for wearing short hose, as the name Curtmantle was given to Henry the Second of England, from his introducing the fashion of wearing shorter mantlee than had been previously used.
Local. The Norman spelling of Dublin. In the great charter of King John, Henry, Archbishop of Dublin, is written Henri de Diveline.
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