Now and Then, a Geneanet app

Compare a present scene with an old photo. Superimpose old photos on present day scenes and look into the past!
Discover places as they were years ago in our database of geolocated old postcards. It's also another way of looking through the history of your ancestors!
Participate with our new mobile app! If an old photo of the place where you are is available, take a picture of the same scene with your mobile or tablet. Try for yourself!

Discover the Now and Then collection

Go back in time with the Now andf Then map! Thousands of people have already participate to enrich this collection.

They tried it

L'application est intéressante et très originale. Je n'ai pas encore tout exploité.

Jean-Claude MARCHAND

Très bonne idée superposer une ancienne vue et une actuelle, j'ai déja publié plusieurs photos actuelles.


Je trouve cette application très intéressante toutefois il manque une chose, l'année.