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ARMSTEAD Valley Falls, Jefferson Co. (Kansas, United States) 1865 - 1934
BLUMBERG Valley Falls, Jefferson (Kansas, United States) 1875 - 1924
RINDOM Valley Falls, Jefferson (Kansas, United States) 1889 - 1947
HILDMAN /Valley Falls, Jefferson (Kansas, United States) 1918 - 2007
ABBÜHL Valley Falls, Jefferson Co. (Kansas, United States) 1857 - 1913
NÄGELI Valley Falls, Jefferson Co. (Kansas, United States) 1861 - 1928
RATZ Valley Falls, Jefferson Co. (Kansas, United States) 1857 - 1943
POST Valley Falls, Jefferson Co. (Kansas, United States) 1884 - 1942
CAINES Valley Falls,Jefferson Co. (Kansas, United States) 1874 - 1885
ELLIOTT Valley Falls, Jefferson County (Kansas, United States) 1908 - 1984

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Survey of student families with children living in multiple-housing units at Kansas State University
Record of experiments ... in the manufacture of sugar from sorghum at Rio Grande, New Jersey, Kenner, Louisiana, Conway Springs, Douglass, and Sterling, Kansas. 1888 (Volume no.20)

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