Swedesboro: Genealogy, Coat of Arms, Ancestry, Local History, Family History, Archive, Parish Registersn Vital Records, Photographs, Old Postcards

Swedesboro: Genealogy, Ancestry, Family History, Local History, Vital Records, Parish Registers, Archive, Old Postcards, Photographs, Coat of Arms
KEEN Swedesboro, Gloucester, N. J. (New Jersey, United States) 1794 - 1804
HULINGS Swedesboro, Gloucester County (New Jersey, United States) 1833 - 1843
DAVIDSON Swedesboro, Gloucester (New Jersey, United States) 1803 - 1820
WEATHERBY Swedesboro, Gloucester (New Jersey, United States) 1850 - 1857
BATTEN Swedesboro, Woolwich Twp, Gloucester Co, Nj (New Jersey, United States) 1732 - 1754
DAVIDSON Swedesboro, Gloucester, Nj (New Jersey, United States) 1802 - 1902
GUEST Swedesboro, Gloucester, Nj (New Jersey, United States) 1874 - 1921
HANNOLD Swedesboro, Gloucester, Nj (New Jersey, United States) 1849 - 1918
WEATHERBY Swedesboro, Gloucester, Nj (New Jersey, United States) 1840 - 1872
DAVIDSON Swedesboro, Nj (New Jersey, United States) 1802 - 1902

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The New Jersey conference memorial [electronic resource]. Containing biographical sketches of all its deceased members, including those who have died in the Newark conference ...
150th anniversary of the erection of the Fleming house, Flemington, N. J., May 23, 1906 (Volume 1)

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