Rosedale: Genealogy, Coat of Arms, Ancestry, Local History, Family History, Archive, Parish Registersn Vital Records, Photographs, Old Postcards

Rosedale: Genealogy, Ancestry, Family History, Local History, Vital Records, Parish Registers, Archive, Old Postcards, Photographs, Coat of Arms
BEAUCHAMP Rosedale Park, In (Indiana, United States) 1889 - 1904
PISTORIUS Rosedale, Parke (Indiana, United States) 1970 - 1995
CHANEY Rosedale, Parke County (Indiana, United States) 1866 - 1925
FEUQUAY Rosedale, Parke (Indiana, United States) 1895 - 1904
KEPPLER Rosedale, In (Indiana, United States) 1914 - 1914
ALKIRE Rosedale, Vigo Co, In (Indiana, United States) 1875 - 1875
SMITH Rosedale, Vigo County (Indiana, United States) 1880 - 1880
BEAUCHAMP Rosedale, Parke County (Indiana, United States) 1925 - 1925
OGDON Rosedale Park, In (Indiana, United States) 1889 - 1962
ONIONES Rosedale Park, In (Indiana, United States) 1911 - 1911

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