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BROWN Farr West, Weber (Utah, United States) 1840 - 1938
COY Farr West, Weber (Utah, United States) 1900 - 1919
KEMSLEY Farr West, Weber (Utah, United States) 1901 - 1909
GROBERG Farr West (Utah, United States) 1914 - 1921
LAKE Farr West, Weber (Utah, United States) 1891 - 1939
TAYLOR Farr West, Weber (Utah, United States) 1869 - 1929
RAWSON Farr West, Weber, Ut (Utah, United States) 1889 - 1911
MAW Farr West, Weber (Utah, United States) 1884 - 1926
RANDALL Farr West, Weber (Utah, United States) 1904 - 1904
DIXON Farr West, Weber, U.S. (Utah, United States) 1893 - 1893

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Exposť of pologamy in Utah [electronic resource]: A lady's life among the Mormons. A record of personal experience as one of the wives of a Mormon elder during a period of more than twenty years
An Englishwoman in Utah, the story of a life's experience in Mormonism, an autobiography

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