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BRUEN Bruen Stapleford (Cheshire, England, United Kingdom) 1585 - 1647
BRUEN Bruen Stapleford,en (Cheshire, England, United Kingdom) 1622 - 1625
LE BRUYN Stapleford Bruen,Tarvin (Cheshire, England, United Kingdom) 1309 - 1362
BRUEN Bruen, Stapleford (Cheshire, England, United Kingdom) 1560 - 1626
LE BRUEN Bruen Stapleford, Chester (Cheshire, England, United Kingdom) 1150 - 1300
BRUEN Bruen, Stapleford (Cheshire, England, United Kingdom) 1563 - 1579
LE BRUYN Stapleford Bruen, Tarvin (Cheshire, England, United Kingdom) 1309 - 1397
LE BRUYN Dans Bruen-Stapleford (Cheshire, England, United Kingdom) 1309 - 1378
LE BRUYN Stapleford Bruen, Tarvin (Cheshire, England, United Kingdom) 1230 - 1397
NORREYS Stapleford Bruen,Tarvin (Cheshire, England, United Kingdom) 1420 - 1420

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Warrington in M.CCCC.LXV as described in a contemporary rent roll of the Legh family, in the possession of Thomas Legh, Esquire, of Lyme Park [electronic resource
Author: Beamont, William, 1797?-1889 - Published in 1849
The register of Bruera church, formerly in the parish of St. Oswald, co. Chester. 1662-1812
Author: Bruera, England (Parish) - Published in 1910

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