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COUCH Blackshear, Pierce County (Georgia, United States) 1954 - 1959
WALKER Blackshear, Ga. (Georgia, United States) 1910 - 1996
WALKER Blackshear, Pierce Co., Ga. (Georgia, United States) 1855 - 1969
ASPINWALL Blackshear, Ga (Georgia, United States) 1929 - 1959
BOWEN Blackshear, Ga (Georgia, United States) 1906 - 1938
DAVIS Blackshear, Ga (Georgia, United States) 1926 - 1993
DIXON Blackshear, Ga (Georgia, United States) 1941 - 1997
DOUBERLY Blackshear, Pierce Co., Ga (Georgia, United States) 1881 - 1981
JAMES Blackshear, Ga (Georgia, United States) 1944 - 1963
JOHNSON Blackshear, Ga (Georgia, United States) 1874 - 1956

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A history and genealogy of the families of Bayard, Houstoun of Georgia, and the descent of the Bolton family from Assheton, Byron and Hulton of Hulton Park, by Joseph Gaston Baillie Bulloch
Author: Bulloch, Joseph Gaston Baillie, 1852- - Published in 1919
A Biographical sketch of Hon. Archibald Bulloch, president of Georgia, 1776-77

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