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COUCH Blackshear, Pierce County (Georgia, United States) 1954 - 1959
WALKER Blackshear, Ga. (Georgia, United States) 1910 - 1996
WALKER Blackshear, Pierce Co., Ga. (Georgia, United States) 1855 - 1969
ASPINWALL Blackshear, Ga (Georgia, United States) 1929 - 1959
BOWEN Blackshear, Ga (Georgia, United States) 1906 - 1938
DAVIS Blackshear, Ga (Georgia, United States) 1926 - 1993
DIXON Blackshear, Ga (Georgia, United States) 1941 - 1997
DOUBERLY Blackshear, Pierce Co., Ga (Georgia, United States) 1881 - 1981
JAMES Blackshear, Ga (Georgia, United States) 1944 - 1963
JOHNSON Blackshear, Ga (Georgia, United States) 1874 - 1956

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The history of the state of Georgia from 1850 to 1881 [electronic resource]: embracing the three important epochs, the decade before the war of 1861-5, the war, the period of Reconstruction : with portraits of the leading public men of this era
A soldier's story of his regiment (61st Georgia) [electronic resource]: and incidentally of the Lawton-Gordon-Evans Brigade, Army Northern Virginia

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