Belvoir: Ancestry, Genealogy, Old Postcards, Archive, Family History, Vital Records, Local History, Parish Registers, Coat of Arms, Photographs

Belvoir: Genealogy, Ancestry, Family History, Local History, Vital Records, Parish Registers, Archive, Old Postcards, Photographs, Coat of Arms
MANNERS Belvoir Castle (Leicestershire, England, United Kingdom) 1801 - 1906
LE BIGOD Belvoir Castle, Belvoir (Leicestershire, England, United Kingdom) 1077 - 1136
d' AUBIGNY Belvoir Castle, Belvoir (Leicestershire, England, United Kingdom) 1115 - 1242
AUBIGNY Belvoir Castle, Leicester (Leicestershire, England, United Kingdom) 1128 - 1147
BELVOIR Belvoir Castle, Belvoir, Leicester (Leicestershire, England, United Kingdom) 1014 - 1155
BIGOD Belvoir Castle, Belvoir, Leicester (Leicestershire, England, United Kingdom) 1087 - 1122
TOENI Belvoir Castle, Belvoir, Leicester (Leicestershire, England, United Kingdom) 1060 - 1106
d'AUBIGNY Belvoir, Leicester (Leicestershire, England, United Kingdom) 1108 - 1134
d'AUBIGNY Belvoir (Leicestershire, England, United Kingdom) 1126 - 1223
ROS Belvoir (Leicestershire, England, United Kingdom) 1223 - 1414

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Belvoir: Available Books in Leicestershire
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Pedigree of Roby of Castle Donington, co. Leicester
Notes on the connection of the Pate family : with Eye Kettleby and Sysonby, Co. Leicester , a paper read at the Leicestershire Architectural and Archaeological Society, September 8th, 1874

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