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ROGERS Annandale, Wright (Minnesota, United States) 1885 - 1885
DAKIN Annandale, Wright Co., Mn (Minnesota, United States) 1861 - 1903
BULLOCK Annandale, Wright (Minnesota, United States) 1906 - 1906
VADNER Annandale, Wright, Mn (Minnesota, United States) 1898 - 1978
SLECHTA Annandale, Wright (Minnesota, United States) 1988 - 1988
STEENLAGE Annandale, Wright (Minnesota, United States) 1999 - 1999
RAHIER Annandale, Mn (Minnesota, United States) 1870 - 1870
THOMPSON Annandale, Wright (Minnesota, United States) 1913 - 1913
WELLS Annandale, Wright County (Minnesota, United States) 2010 - 2010
MICELI Annandale, Wright (Minnesota, United States) 2000 - 2000

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A brief sketch and history of the signing of the Treaty of Traverse des Sioux
The Spread of Tuberculosis: Report on the Spread of Infection in Certain Tuberculous Families in Five Counties in Minnesota (Volume 30)

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