Posted by admin on May 27, 2009

Full Featured – Windows – Purchase

RootsMagic has been released.


• Can view and edit place details for places from the master place list (Lists > Place list)
• Added source templates for Elizabeth Shown Mills’ new Ancestry QuickSheet
• Indexes in reports now support color coding
• Added several color schemes (in addition to blue) for toolbar and menu colors (blue, silver, green, windows setting)
• Several reports allow editing title
• Added optional built-in background images for website creation
• New ordinance reservation list when selecting “# people are ready for temple ordinances” from FamilySearch Central
• Added option to exclude RM specific tags when exporting GEDCOM files


• Added hotkeys to numerous screens
• Creating a shareable CD doesn’t hang on collecting media
• Shareable CDs don’t crash when opening the media album anymore
• Stopped “Windows no disk” errors when accessing media on drives that don’t exist
• Fixed some search criterias that didn’t work properly
• List of citations for a person/fact/etc now shows page no. / details in the list
• When citing an existing source RM4 starts with the cursor in the first source details field
• Added phone and email to address form display
• Website header font can now be modified in .CSS file
• Added create and modified date to properties form
• Place merge leaves original place in list (w/o checkbox)
• Place details print in website narratives now
• Name in place list report now includes prefix and suffix
• Added hints to toolbar buttons that didn’t have them
• Reader splash screen doesn’t say “Trial Version” anymore
• Family events in narratives use customized sentences if they exist
• Narrative websites use customized sentences if they exist
• Customize sentence displays “They” instead of He/She for family events
• Eliminated extraneous witnesses in shared events in narratives
• Fixed some shared event issues
• Sample sentence supports witnesses on edit individual screen
• Sample sentence supports witnesses on customize sentence screen
• GEDCOM import doesn’t ignore death info if the DEAT tag has a Y on it
• Changed “General” to “Person” on edit screen for notes, sources, etc.
• Spaces are trimmed from name parts when saving name in Edit Person screen
• Fixed issues with a few source templates
• UK edition defaults to using british dictionary now
• NFS matching / searching filters out dups returned by NFS (led to “Must have 2 people to do a combine” errors)
• RM doesn’t crash anymore when importing a corrupt file from other programs (SQLite Error 19)
• BEPS prints on pedigree charts when LDS support turned on
• Fixed read of “Needs more information” status from NFS
• Bibliography prints properly in the Source Report
• Photo tree doesn’t display wrong photos when an ancestor doesn’t exist
• Gazetteer opens with focus on search field
• Sources in narratives handle template field modifiers (like [place:reverse]) properly now
• Website image links are lower case to handle servers that lowercase files and are case sensitive
• FTM import doesn’t crash when invalid source citation is encountered
• FTM import doesn’t mix up some fact types anymore
• FTM import doesn’t put every description in the place list anymore
• FTM general sources import properly now
• Short citation includes detail text and comments if enabled
• Note, source, and media checkmarks display for alt names in Explorer
• Adding a birth (or other life event) over 105 years ago clears living flag for the person
• Deleting address from Lists > Address removes the link to it from the person (same for repo)
• Deleting place from Lists > Place list clears place (and site) for events which used that place
• Seal to spouse prints for parents in group sheets now
• LDS report marriage sealings filter properly now
• If preference file gets corrupt RM will use defaults instead of freezing
• Merging places preserves all place notes
• Merging places preserves place details
• Chart program doesn’t sometimes revert to trial mode
• Sped up merging a person dragged and dropped onto a copy of himself
• Reuse duplicate citations now works properly (make sure “Combine endnotes for each fact” is turned off)
• BIC and other LDS statuses print on group sheets if date is blank
• Fixed random crashes in publisher when Table of Contents is added
• Changed Twin Falls Idaho temple code from TFALL to TWINF
• Legacy import now imports “unspecified” citation links
• Selected date format is used in edit screen and sample sentence on edit screen
• GEDCOM export strips hard returns out of exported single field lines
• Display / printing of freeform sources adds punctuation the same way RM3 did
• Doesn’t display the chapter title in the endnotes when there is only one chapter/report
• Place list remembers size and position now
• Fixed some age display issues on edit screen
• Main views (pedigree, family, descendant, people) now support font style (bold/italic) set in options
• Fixed some issues with privatized narrative websites
• Sort date is created even when user presses Alt+V or Alt+O before moving out of the date field
• Sort date is updated when you select a different date from the calendar in the edit screen
• Bibliography can now print even when footnotes / endnotes are turned off

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