The Master Genealogist 7.04

Posted by admin on Feb 14, 2009

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The Master Genealogist 7.04 has been released.


• GenBridge – Support has been added for direct import from FTM 2008 and FTM 2009.
• [:NP:] code – In addition to suppressing punctuation, the code now suppresses the spaces normally output at the end of the sentence.
• UK Edition – Edits were made to the sentences for the UK-specific tags so that they would be more compatible with Second Site.
• Sample_UK project – Edits were made to the sentences for the UK-specific tags so that they would be more compatible with Second Site.
• Details window – The beginner buttons to the right of the Tag Box are now saved in the layout.
• Research task – The comments field now displays formatting rather than the format codes.
• DNA templates – A revised template for the Relative Genetics 43 marker test was added.
• DNA templates – The screen design for the Y-DNA ‘DNA Fingerprint’ templates has been updated to add additional fields.
• Log files – Added or revised the List of external exhibits.log, Last backup.log, and _restore.log. The output to these logs will aid managing external exhibits.
• Journal Report – The ‘First Reference Number’ field on the Options / General tab now accepts values from 1 – 99999.


• Tag Box – Double-excluded memos were showing in the Tag Box when ‘Show excluded data’ was selected.
• Tag Box – ‘Filter for tags of this type’ didn’t work correctly with Address and History group tags.
• Image window – The Image window could lose focus and show the wrong person when selected from the Window menu.
• Associates window – The Associates window could lose focus and show the wrong person when selected from the Window menu.
• Layouts – Layouts for multiple monitors weren’t being applied when selected from the Layout toolbar or from a custom toolbar.
• Tag Box Toolbar – There were cases when you had a Tag Entry screen open or a Master list screen open that the [-] button on the Tag Box Toolbar was active when it should have been inactive.
• Custom Toolbar Manager – Duplicate Book Manager selections were consolidated and the remaining selection was cleaned up.
• Project Explorer – Filters – Selecting [Cancel] from the ‘Fill in the Blank’ screen didn’t cancel the filter.
• Project Explorer – Filters – If you filtered using the Query by Example tab and then switched to the Filter tab, the screen had some layout problems.
• Expanded Picklist – The options for the Event List mode were revised.
• Flag Manager – The messages received when trying to delete or edit flags from disabled data sets were updated.
• Flag Manager – The messages when enabling disabled flags were updated.
• Validate File Integrity – There was a problem entering network paths on the ‘List of folders for location’ screen for checking external exhibits.
• Restore – Restore could produce an error – Array dimensions are invalid. 3 CUSLAYOUTMANAGER.MLAYOUTEXIST.
• Add Person – An error could occur when the program was set to Beginner data entry mode and add sibling or add add child was selected from the menu.
• Tag Entry screen – When adding a citation to a tag and opening and editing a source from the Citation screen, it was possible to leave the Master Source List open when backing out of the series of open screens.
• Add/Edit Witness – Selecting an alternate name from the Picklist didn’t result in that name being selected as the name used for the witness.
• Memo field – The function used to call an external text file from memo fields was broken.
• Master Place List – Fixed cosmatic issues with the search window.
• Master Place List – You could lock up the master Place list by maximizing the screen and clicking on the window background.
• Master Place List – A text correction was made on the Global Search and Replace screen.
• Master Source List – A blank source was created if you started to add a new source and then canceled.
• Source Definition Screen – If you had changed the Ibid. setting and then changed the source type, the Ibid. setting was reset to default.
• Source export – Cleaned up the comments in the export file that is created.
• Place Information – Revised the GNIS site parameters for placeinfo.ini.
• Research Log – An error occurred when certain tasks were opened.
• Research Log – When adding tasks to successive people who previously had no research tasks, you could get an Open dialog when using CTRL_F3 from the task Comments field.
• Exhibit Log – An error occurred when the [Load] function on the Properties / General tab was used for successive exhibits.
• Exhibit Log – various issues when using the [Load] button in exhibit properties were fixed.
• Exhibit Log – Using <Enter> after entering a filter value opened the ‘Select file for new exhibit’ screen.
• Exhibit Log – Some valid exhibit paths were being seen as invalid when the Preferences ‘frowny faces’ option was selected.
• Exhibit Log – There was an issue with certain video files, where the video viewer did not open and play the video correctly.
• Exhibit Log – There was a circumstance where resizing the Exhibit Log window was not being remembered.
• Slideshow Manager – fixed various issues when using the [Load] button in frame properties.
• Slideshow Manager – An error occurred when overwriting an existing slide show.
• DNA Log – The wrong test was opened under certain circumstances.
• DNA Log – Various tabbing issues on the DNA Log screen were resolved.
• DNA templates – The ‘More information about this test’ URLs for the Ethnoancestry, Family Tree DNA and Relative Genetics templates were updated.
• DNA templates – Most tabbing issues on the DNA fingerprint screen were resolved.
• DNA templates – The Haplogroup field in the mtDNA template was not being saved.
• GenSmarts – Users of the Silver edition of TMG7 could not open the GenSmarts module from the Tools menu.
• Text Macros – Shift-F10 couldn’t be used more than once. Note that the focus will jump to the Menu when you use Shift-F10. You can click back to where you want to use the macro and hit Shift+F10 again.
• Check for Duplicate People – Inconsistent results were obtained when the project contained more than one data set.
• Merge Two People – Some changes were made to the keyboard behavior when using the merge screen.
• Charts – A text correction was made to the “Visual Chartform” selection in the file Type selection field on the report definition screen.
• Charts – When a chart was created, the default report output path was being passed to Visual Chartform rather than the path specified in Preferences.
• Descendant Box Chart – If you changed the Orientation on the Chart Style tab, some of the options on the Lines tab were disabled until you saved and reopened the chart Options.
• Relationship Chart – The report didn’t respond properly in the case when the same ID# had been entered into both fields.
• List of People – The five output column choices for ‘# of Citations’ didn’t work correctly.
• List of People – The DNA Log data wasn’t being copied when a new project was created using the Secondary Output feature.
• List of Events – When you used the Secondary Output option to change flags, only the flag of Principal 1 was being changed when the flags of both principals in a tag should have been changed.
• List of Citations – An error occurred using the ‘Source Number… = [?]’ filter after initiating the filter.
• List of Sources – There was a problem with specifying the data set when the Repository Number filter was used and the project had more than one data set.
• List of… reports – Some issues with the Tag Type… filter selection were resolved for the List of Events, List of Names and List of Witnesses.
• List of Witnesses – A filter for ‘Is a Principal’ / ‘Is a Principal’ was not being saved when the report was run in French.
• Filters – Various issues with the # of Spouses filter were corrected.
• Filters – An invalid return occurred with Is a Descendant and Is an Ancestor type filters when the filter had an invalid ID# as the value.
• Filters – An error occurred when filtering for # of Witnessed… in a language other than English (U.S.).
• Message Manager – Unread messages were being marked as read when the Message Manager was closed.
• Other minor fixes and tweaks have been made to the program.

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