Legacy Family Tree

Posted by admin on Dec 5, 2008

Legacy Family Tree has been released.


• LDS Ordinance markers – The {BEPSC} indicator is now also put on the Husb and Wife names on the Family View (if this option is turned one).
• Picture Center – When you attach pictures with embedded comments, you are now asked if you would like to put them in the Description field (consistent with what happens in the Picture Gallery).
• Potential Problems Window – Now has an option to globally look for multiple names so that they can be put into the Alternate Names list.
• RTF Source Citations – Add an option to use the old unlinked citation endnotes. This is because the new “real” linked footnotes and endnotes end up having lots of duplicates because there is no way to combine them in RTF output.
• SourceWriter – 230 new templates.


• Default Marriage Wording – Added four new phrases to cover unknown spouse sentence wording.
• Family Picture Trees – The fourth generation now includes the names and life ranges (in a smaller font).
• GEDCOM Export – GEDCOM export to anything destination other than Legacy, will now convert the Q dates (Mar Q 1888) to a range like Jan 1888 – Mar 1888.
• Help File – Various help topic updates.
• SourceWriter – Added 45 new templates to cover all media for the Canadian census records, including the 1940 National Registration.
• US County Verification – A few updates to the county verification database were made. Age Calculator – Fixed a leap year problem.


• Book Reports – Fixed a problem where the last page of footnotes for a report would be on the first page of the next chapter when printing from the Publishing Center.
• Book Reports – More duplicate footnote combining.
• Book Reports – More picture overwriting fixes.
• Calendar Creator – Fixed default year reset.
• Chronology View – BC dates for background timelines were not displaying in the correct order. Fixed.
• Custom labels on Index View and the Name List – The defaults are reset when the interface language is changed.
• Custom Marriage Phrases – Increased the maximum length of the phrases from 50 to 100 characters.
• Date Calculator – Fixed some early year calculation problems.
• Dates – Corrected handling of pre-1000 years.
• Descendant Book Footnotes – The footnote font would sometimes change when a string of citation numbers went over a page break. Fixed.
• Descendant Narrative report – Suppression of deceased spouses and children of living individuals was not fully implemented. Fixed.
• Descendant Report – Picture for person after a “Duplicate Line” was not showing. Fixed.
• Event Sentences – Sentences with in a double “The The” were resulting in TThe when the two were combined. Fixed.
• Events on Reports – Date and Location underlines (for missing info) are now suppressed when an event doesn’t include fields for date or location.
• Family Group Record – Event descriptions were not honoring formatting codes. Fixed.
• Family Group Record Reports – Attached Chronology reports had the wrong name at the top. Fixed.
• Family Group Records and Individual Reports – Long dates (e.g. Between 12 Dec 1888 and 30 Oct 1889) for events were being truncated. Fixed.
• File ID Report – Wasn’t showing the person’s name for File IDs connected to source citations, Never Married, and Had No Children. Fixed.
• GEDCOM Export – Fixed some problems in GEDCOM export customization.
• GEDCOM Export – Source template info RTF codes were not being converted to HTML codes when desired. Fixed.
• GEDCOM Import – Addresses for some events were being imported but not being linked to the event. Fixed.
• GEDCOM Import – Importing a GEDCOM file from phpGedView was not reading the picture links. Fixed.
• Help File – Lots of updating and correction.
• Individual Report – Marriage address is now included when requested.
• Individual Report – Name Index: Option to include life range years on names was inconsistent. Some had full dates, others had years only. Fixed
• Information Screen – Some dates with month ranges were not resulting in an accurate Age at Death value. Fixed.
• Location fields – Locations filled by Right-clicking to fill with a previous entry, sometimes wouldn’t stick. Fixed.
• Mapping – Fixed an error 3020 when saving a new location when the do not auto geocode option is checked.
• Mapping – Improved Hyphenated Place Names to work better with Virtual Earth Mapping.
• Marriage List Report – Now follows all Page Setup and Font settings.
• Marriage Report – User font settings are now honored. (They were hard coded previously.)
• Missing Picture List – The list now shows the person’s name for missing pictures on source details.
• Name Index – Living parents were including life year range when option to suppress was set. Fixed.
• Name Index – The Birth and Death Years on Names now applies to alternate names also.
• Nametags – Fixed Default button.
• Picture List Report – Now includes document file names.
• Picture Scrapbook – Added option to include document files.
• Pictures – If you change any attribute of a picture (flip, flop, rotate, grayscale, crop) you are prompted to resave the picture when leaving the edit window.
• Publishing Center – Option to include [[Private Notes]] was not working. Fixed.
• Quoted Names – Legacy now recognizes the fancy opening and closing quote marks as well as the regular keyboard quote mark.
• Report Fonts – Resetting to the defaults wasn’t resetting the font size. Fixed.
• Reports – Private and Invisible setting options for reports – Fine tuned.
• Reports – The Source Citation Report was not reporting correctly multiple citations for Same Master source.
• RTF Footnotes – Are now generated in the Report Source font size specified.
• Search – A missing sources search with the option to Only Search the Search List was incorrectly returning all records in list.
• Sources – Lots of source footnote and endnote corrections.
• Sources – Fixed error back-tabbing through source detail fields.
• Source Citations – Added source citations on reports to the “Never Married and Had No Children” setting.
• Source Citations – Fixed an error 3167 when citing a master source after a user canceled an Add New Source.
• Source Citations – Fixed an ibid problem.
• Source Citations – Fixed the list import of master sources from another family file.
• Source Citations – Many refinements.
• Source Citations – Some events were not showing a source citation. Fixed.
• Source Citations – Sometimes detail source text was showing up on the subsequent citation. Fixed.
• Source Citations – Source in RTF files now have the correct page heading.
• Source Report – SourceWriter style detail info was not being included on the report. Fixed.
• Source Templates – If you don’t scroll down and view all the input fields for a source, and you have turned off the warning, sometimes subsequent edits of the source don’t respond to the Save button. Fixed.
• Source Templates – Scrolling up and down in the field input list was blanking out the Verified, Tag, and Exclude checkboxes when adding a new source. Fixed.
• Source Templates – Some identical citations were repeating on reports when they should have been combined. Fixed.
• Startup Wizard – Parents were begin given the starting couple’s marriage info. Fixed.
• Startup Wizard – Prompt for customer number was not complaining about version 6 numbers, even though they were not turning on the deluxe features. Fixed.
• UnInstall – Fixed a problem with an uninstall not being able to find the Install.log file needed to perform an uninstall when long filenames were being used.
• Web Pages – Fixed some punctuation problems with birth/chr, death/burial sentences.

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