Brother’s Keeper 6.2.66

Posted by admin on May 21, 2008

Brother’s Keeper 6.2.66 has been released.

New feature :

• When you are on the Names tab adding alternate names, there are two new names “Called” and “Indigenous name”. Called would be similar to “also known as” or “nickname” and you can use it to indicate the name the person was commonly called or commonly known as. If you want to change all of one type to another type, then use the File, Utility, Global search and replace routine.

Changes :

• When you are on the screen for List, Sources, and you click the button to Show everyone connected to this source, it will now open a list box with the names, and you can double click any name to jump to the Edit screen for that person. If you want the old method of showing a Preview screen, then pick File from the top menu to get that option.
• On the screen for List, Birthdays/Anniversaries, if you are showing ages, there is a new option to show age this year or next year.

Fixes :

• Fixed an “Overflow” problem when making Group sheet HTML files and making over 32000 files at one time.
• When the program uses the “tooltip” color (normally yellow) as a background, it now uses the “tooltip” font color for the font. This prevents a problem of hard to read screens if you are using a different toottip color. When you are on the Edit screen and click Add Child or Add Spouse, you will see this color.

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