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Woods: Origin and places
Same as Goodwin or Gooden, derived from God or good, Sax., and win, conqueror, that is, a conqueror in God, converted or victorious in God. In one of those battles fought between Edmund the Anglo-Saxon, and Canute the Dane, the Danish army being routed and forced to fly, one of their principal captains named Ulf lost his way in the woods. After wandering all night, he met at daybreak a young peasant driving a herd of oxen whom he saluted, and asked hia name. '1 am Godwin, the son of Ulfhoth,' said the young peasant, 'and thou art a Dane.'
Origin of the Last Name Woods
Spelling Variations : WOODS | WOOD | WODE
Woods: Place of Origin :  Lancashire (United Kingdom) |  London (United Kingdom) |  Suffolk (United Kingdom) |  Surrey (United Kingdom) |  Norfolk (United Kingdom) |  Lincolnshire (United Kingdom)
Woods: Family Trees of the Woodss
WOODS Leighton Buzzard (Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom) 1858 - 1881
WOODS Rhoscrowther, Pembrokeshire (Dyfed, Wales, United Kingdom) 1885 - 1894
WOODS Wogaston Farm, Rhoscrowther, Pembrokeshire (Dyfed, Wales, United Kingdom) 1895 - 1915
WOODS Biggleswade (Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom) 1880 - 1904
WOODS Blunham (Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom) 1881 - 1888
WOODS Oxford (Oxfordshire, England, United Kingdom) 1909 - 1929
WOODS Lillington (Cambridgeshire, England, United Kingdom) 1863 - 1869
WOODS Littlington (Cambridgeshire, England, United Kingdom) 1871 - 1877
WOODS Cawston (Norfolk, England, United Kingdom) 1833 - 1870
WOODS Tynemouth (Northumberland, England, United Kingdom) 1894 - 1898

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Woods: Geneanet Members
Photo de Luke WOODSLuke WOODS Photo de Carroll WOODSCarroll WOODS Photo de Brett WOODSBrett WOODS Photo de Karen WOODSKaren WOODS Photo de Julia WOODSJulia WOODS Photo de Janie WOODSJanie WOODS
Woods: Famous Genealogies
 The last name Woods is related to the following famous family trees :
        OSBORN Harold born OSBORN Harold Marion (1899 - 1975)
        PUSSER Buford born PUSSER Buford Hayse (1937 - 1974)
        SCOTT Campbell born SCOTT Campbell Whalen (1961 - )
        STONE Sharon born STONE Sharon Vonne (1958 - )
        SMITH Jaclyn born SMITH Jacquelyn Ellen (1945 - )

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