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Welby: Origin and places
Local. From Weald-by, which signifies a habitation in a wood or grove.
Origin of the Last Name Welby
Spelling Variations : WELBIE | WELBY | WELLBY
Welby: Place of Origin :  Lincolnshire (United Kingdom) |  London (United Kingdom) |  Kent (United Kingdom) |  Nottinghamshire (United Kingdom) |  Lancashire (United Kingdom) |  Norfolk (United Kingdom)
Welby: Family Trees of the Welbys
WELBY Moulton (Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom) 1538 - 1645
WELBY Moulton (Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom) 1465 - 1645
WELBY Whaplode (Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom) 1595 - 1602
WELBY Moulton (Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom) 1560 - 1570
WELBY Moulton (Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom) 1533 - 1604
WELBY Moulton, Lincoln (Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom) 1538 - 1595
WELBY Moulton (Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom) 1560 - 1575
WELBY England (England, United Kingdom) 1465 - 1604
WELBY Moulton, Lincoln (Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom) 1520 - 1608
WELBY Whaplode, Lincoln (Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom) 1595 - 1602

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Welby: This name appears in the following books
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WELBYBiographical register of Christ's College, 1505-1905 : and of the earlier foundation, God's House, 1448-1505 (Volume 2)
Author: Peile, John, 1838-1910 - Published in 1910
... Second son of Sir Will. Earle Welby of Folkingham, Lines, by the daughter of Will. Spry, Governor of Barbados. Educated ...
WELBYA history and genealogy of Captain John Locke (1627-1696) of Portsmouth and Rye, N.H., and his descendants, also of Nathaniel Locke of Portsmouth, and a short account of the history of the Lockes in England

... married Susannah, daughter of Sir William Welby, of Gedney, in Lincolnshire, Knight of the Bath, whose issue was an only ...

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