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Weaver: Origin and places
Spelling Variations : WEAVER | WEVER | WEEVER
Weaver: Place of Origin :  Herefordshire and Worcester (United Kingdom) |  London (United Kingdom) |  Staffordshire (United Kingdom) |  Shropshire (United Kingdom) |  Somerset (United Kingdom) |  Lancashire (United Kingdom)
Weaver: Family Trees of the Weavers
WEAVER Birmingham (Warwickshire, England, United Kingdom) 1890 - 1966
WEAVER Condover (Shropshire, England, United Kingdom) 1851 - 1858
WEAVER Dawley (Shropshire, England, United Kingdom) 1857 - 1883
WEAVER Dudley, Worcestershire (Herefordshire And Worcester, England, United Kingdom) 1865 - 1897
WEAVER Rhosgoch, Worthen (Shropshire, England, United Kingdom) 1808 - 1886
WEAVER Salford (Lancashire, England, United Kingdom) 1880 - 1883
WEAVER Lambeth (Surrey, England, United Kingdom) 1847 - 1864
WEAVER Pluckley (Kent, England, United Kingdom) 1850 - 1856
WEAVER West Ashford District (Kent, England, United Kingdom) 1856 - 1935
WEAVER Dowlais, Glamorgan (Wales, United Kingdom) 1876 - 1881

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Weaver: Geneanet Members
Photo de Randy WEAVERRandy WEAVER Photo de Debbie HARRISON WEAVERDebbie HARRISON WEAVER Photo de Carol WEAVERCarol WEAVER Photo de Vicki Ann WEAVERVicki Ann WEAVER Photo de Frank X WEAVER JRFrank X WEAVER JR Photo de Matthew WEAVERMatthew WEAVER
Weaver: Famous Genealogies
WEAVER Sigourney
WEAVER Sigourney born WEAVER Susan Alexandra (1949 - )
American actress
WEAVER Doodles
WEAVER Doodles born WEAVER Winstead Sheffield Glenndenning Dixon (1911 - 1983)
American character actor, comedian and musician
WEAVER James B. born WEAVER James Baird (1833 - 1912)
United States politician and member of the United States House of Representatives
Weaver: Famous People
 The last name Weaver is related to the following famous family trees :
        ALDRIN Buzz born ALDRIN Edwin Eugene (1930 - )
        CLAPTON Eric born CLAPTON Eric Patrick (1945 - )
        COLLINS Stephen born COLLINS Stephen Weaver (1947 - )
        EDISON Thomas born EDISON Thomas Alva (1847 - 1931)
        SEDGWICK Edie born SEDGWICK Edith Minturn (1943 - 1971)

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