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Todd: Origin and places
Tod, a Scotch word for a fox.
Origin of the Last Name Todd
Spelling Variations : TIDD | TODD | TOD | TODT | TEED | TEDD | TEAD | TOTH
Todd: Place of Origin :  County Durham (United Kingdom) |  London (United Kingdom) |  Lancashire (United Kingdom) |  Northumberland (United Kingdom) |  Strathclyde (United Kingdom) |  Cumbria (United Kingdom)
Todd: Family Trees of the Todds
TODD Stanley, Yorkshire (England, United Kingdom) 1886 - 1899
TODD Bradford, Yorkshire West Riding (West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom) 1879 - 1972
TODD Bradford (West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom) 1976 - 2006
TODD Cathedral Of St Peter, Bradford, Yorkshire West Riding (West Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom) 1898 - 1916
TODD St John, Bowling, Yorkshire West Riding (England, United Kingdom) 1900 - 1928
TODD Enfield, Middlesex (London, England, United Kingdom) 1881 - 1888
TODD South Tottenham, Middlesex (London, England, United Kingdom) 1891 - 1900
TODD Workington, Cumberland (Cumbria, England, United Kingdom) 1861 - 1921
TODD Bigges Main (Northumberland, England, United Kingdom) 1833 - 1859
TODD Cramlington (Northumberland, England, United Kingdom) 1861 - 1959

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Todd: Geneanet Members
Photo de Nancy TODDNancy TODD Photo de Richard TODDRichard TODD Photo de Anthony TODDAnthony TODD Photo de Brea TODDBrea TODD Photo de Brenda TODDBrenda TODD Photo de Joanne TODDJoanne TODD
Todd: Famous Genealogies
TODD LINCOLN Mary born TODD Mary Ann (1818 - 1882)
First Lady of the United States from 1861 to 1865
TODD Chuck
TODD Chuck born TODD Charles David (1972 - )
American journalist who is the 12th moderator of Meet the Press
Todd: Famous People
 The last name Todd is related to the following famous family trees :
        MONOD Jacques born MONOD Jacques Lucien (1910 - 1976)
        MERRILL Dina born HUTTON Nedenia Marjorie (1925 - )
        PULLIAM Eugene C. born PULLIAM Eugene Collins (1889 - 1975)
        PULLIAM Eugene S. born PULLIAM Eugene Smith (1914 - 1999)
        QUAYLE Ben born QUAYLE Benjamin Eugene (1976 - )

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