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Thornell: Origin and places
Thornell: Place of Origin :  London (United Kingdom) |  North Yorkshire (United Kingdom) |  Lincolnshire (United Kingdom) |  Nottinghamshire (United Kingdom) |  West Yorkshire (United Kingdom) |  County Durham (United Kingdom)
Thornell: Family Trees of the Thornells
THORNELL Almondbury, Yorkshire (England, United Kingdom) 1562 - 1562
THORNELL Lincoln (Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom) 1672 - 1672
THORNELL Lincolnshire (Lincolnshire, England, United Kingdom) 1650 - 1650
THORNELL Thorne, Yorkshire (England, United Kingdom) 1700 - 1700
THORNELL Bristol (Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom) 1903 - 1903
THORNELL Clifton, Bristol (Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom) 1869 - 1869
THORNELL St George, Bristol (Avon, England, United Kingdom) 1912 - 1912
THORNELL Beeston Parish Church, Beeston (Nottinghamshire, England, United Kingdom) 1806 - 1814
THORNELL Beeston (Nottinghamshire, England, United Kingdom) 1786 - 1863
THORNELL Gedling (Nottinghamshire, England, United Kingdom) 1799 - 1799

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Thornell: This name appears in the following books
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THORNELLHistory of Parke and Vermillion Counties, Indiana : with historical sketches of representative citizens and genealogical records of many of the old families
Author: B.F. Bowen & Co - Published in 1913
... 29, 1841. the .son of Alfred and Nancy (Thornell) Hayes, the father a native of Kentucky and the mother was ...
THORNELLEncyclopedia of Virginia biography (Volume 4)
Author: Tyler, Lyon Gardiner, 1853-1935, ed - Published in 1915
... York, England, son of Thomas and Agnes (Thornell) Clayton, and of the Inner Temple, heir to the family estate, ...

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