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Stone: Origin and places
Local. A town in England. The name was probably given to an individual who resided near or by some remarkable sjone, or at a place called Stone. Will at the Stone.
Origin of the Last Name Stone
Spelling Variations : STONE | STONES
Stone: Place of Origin :  London (United Kingdom) |  Somerset (United Kingdom) |  Devon (United Kingdom) |  Kent (United Kingdom) |  Dorset (United Kingdom) |  Surrey (United Kingdom)
Stone: Family Trees of the Stones
STONE Exeter (Devon, England, United Kingdom) 1905 - 1968
STONE Boxford (Berkshire, England, United Kingdom) 1839 - 1846
STONE Allesley (Warwickshire, England, United Kingdom) 1619 - 1684
STONE St Mary, Lambeth (Surrey, England, United Kingdom) 1775 - 1777
STONE Limehouse, Stepney (London, England, United Kingdom) 1891 - 1898
STONE Barking (Essex, England, United Kingdom) 1883 - 1941
STONE Bethnal Green (London, England, United Kingdom) 1858 - 1882
STONE Bradpole (Dorset, England, United Kingdom) 1792 - 1882
STONE Falmouth (Cornwall, England, United Kingdom) 1818 - 1874
STONE Poole (Dorset, England, United Kingdom) 1783 - 1800

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Stone: Geneanet Members
Photo Jesse STONEJesse STONE Photo de Jesse STONEJesse STONE Photo de Susan STONESusan STONE Photo de Robert STONERobert STONE Photo de Susan STONESusan STONE Photo de Jennifer STONEJennifer STONE
Stone: Famous Genealogies
STONE Sharon
STONE Sharon born STONE Sharon Vonne (1958 - )
American actress, film producer, and former fashion model
STONE Harlan F.
STONE Harlan F. born STONE Harlan Fiske (1872 - 1946)
American lawyer and jurist, 12th Chief Justice of the United States
STONE Emma born STONE Emily Jean (1988 - )
American actress
Stone: Famous People
 The last name Stone is related to the following famous family trees :
        ADAMS John Quincy (1767 - 1848)
        LADD Alan born LADD Alan Walbridge (1913 - 1964)
        ARTHUR Chester Allen (1829 - 1886)
        HALE Barbara (1922 - )
        BARTON Clara born BARTON Clarissa Harlowe (1821 - 1912)

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