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Shuff: Origin and places
Shuff: Place of Origin :  London (United Kingdom) |  Berkshire (United Kingdom) |  Surrey (United Kingdom) |  Oxfordshire (United Kingdom) |  Somerset (United Kingdom) |  Staffordshire (United Kingdom)
Shuff: Family Trees of the Shuffs
SHUFF Brentford, Middlesex (London, England, United Kingdom) 1916 - 1922
SHUFF Aldershot, (Reg Q2, Farnham, 2a, 102) (Hampshire, England, United Kingdom) 1880 - 1880
SHUFF Aldershot (Hampshire, England, United Kingdom) 1868 - 1868
SHUFF Guildford, (Reg Q2, Guildford, 2a, 86) (Surrey, England, United Kingdom) 1896 - 1896
SHUFF Guildford, (Reg Q4, Guildford, 2a, 94) (Surrey, England, United Kingdom) 1903 - 1903
SHUFF Hounslow, Middlesex (London, England, United Kingdom) 1924 - 1924
SHUFF Macclesfield, (Reg Q2, Macclesfield, 8a, 137) (Cheshire, England, United Kingdom) 1878 - 1878
SHUFF Macclesfield, (Reg Q3, Macclesfield, 8a, 131) (Cheshire, England, United Kingdom) 1875 - 1875
SHUFF Mount Alvenia, Guildford (Surrey, England, United Kingdom) 1955 - 1955
SHUFF Petersfield (Hampshire, England, United Kingdom) 1892 - 1892

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Shuff: This name appears in the following books
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SHUFFPortrait and biographical album of Fayette county, Iowa. Containing full page portraits and biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens of the county
Author: Lake City Publishing Company. pbl - Published in 1891
... 1851, with Miss Elizabeth Shuff, a native of Virginia, and a daughter of William and Elizabeth (Cole) Sluiff, ...
SHUFFA history of the Juniata Valley and its people, (Volume 2)
Author: Jordan, John W. (John Woolf), 1840-1921, ed - Published in 1913
... county. Pennsylvania. He married Ad!ary Jane Shuff, born in 1830, in Adams county, daughter of George and Rebecca Shuff, George ...

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