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Mitchem: Origin and places
Mitchem: Place of Origin :  Dorset (United Kingdom) |  London (United Kingdom) |  Somerset (United Kingdom) |  Avon (United Kingdom) |  Cambridgeshire (United Kingdom) |  Herefordshire and Worcester (United Kingdom)
Mitchem: Family Trees of the Mitchems
MITCHEM  (United Kingdom)  -
MITCHEM Queensborough, Engeland (Kent, England, United Kingdom) 1885 - 1919

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Mitchem: This name appears in the following books
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MITCHEMHistory of Bond and Montgomery Counties, Illinois
Author: Perrin, William Henry, d. 1892? - Published in 1882
... was Sarah Cline, daughter of Thomas and Sarah (Mitchem) Cline. After the marriage of Mr. Enloe. lie moved to the ...
MITCHEMHistory of Fayette County : together with historic notes on the Northwest, and the State of Ohio, gleaned from early authors, old maps and manuscripts, private and official correspondence, and all other authentic sources
Author: Dills, R. S - Published in 1881
... Meliuda Mitchem, fourth daughter of William and Catherine (Wort) Mitchem. The nativity of the Mitchems is Virginia. Moses and Sarah ...

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