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Lundgren: Origin and places
Lundgren: Place of Origin :  London (United Kingdom) |  Avon (United Kingdom) |  Humberside (United Kingdom) |  Cleveland (United Kingdom) |  Herefordshire and Worcester (United Kingdom) |  Surrey (United Kingdom)
Lundgren: Family Trees of the Lundgrens
LUNDGREN London, Storbrittanien (London, England, United Kingdom) 1914 - 1914
LUNDGREN G EKLUND West Hartlepool, Newcastle (Tyne And Wear, England, United Kingdom) 1913 - 1913
LUNDGREN West Hartlepool, Neucastle (Cleveland, England, United Kingdom) 1911 - 1911
LUNDGREN West Hartlepool, Newcastle (Tyne And Wear, England, United Kingdom) 1911 - 1911
LUNDGREN Wales (England, United Kingdom) 1945 - 1945

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Lundgren: This name appears in the following books
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LUNDGRENPortland, Oregon, its history and builders : in connection with the antecedent explorations, discoveries, and movements of the pioneers that selected the site for the great city of the Pacific (Volume 3)
Author: Gaston, Joseph, 1833-1913 - Published in 1911
... marriage in Portland, to Miss Adele Lundgren, a daughter of Abel and Ammila Lundgren, also a native of Sweden, and ...
LUNDGRENHistory of Chautauqua County, New York, and its people (Volume 3)

... daughter of John and Edla Christine Lundgren. They have an adopted daughter, Emma Louise, born in Sweden, Nov. ...

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