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Leasure: Origin and places
Leasure: Place of Origin :  Cumbria (United Kingdom) |  Buckinghamshire (United Kingdom) |  London (United Kingdom) |  Lothian (United Kingdom) |  Lancashire (United Kingdom) |  Nottinghamshire (United Kingdom)
Leasure: Family Trees of the Leasures
LEASURE London (London, England, United Kingdom) 1757 - 1757
LEASURE  (United Kingdom)  -

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Leasure: This name appears in the following books
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LEASUREHistory of the families Millingas and Millanges of Saxony and Normandy, comprising genealogies and biographies of their posterity surnamed Milliken, Millikin, Millikan, Millican, Milligan, Mulliken and Mullikin, A. D. 800-A. D. 1907, containing names of thirty thousand persons, with copious notes on intermarried and collateral families, and abstracts of early land grants, wills, and other documents .. (Volume 1)
Author: Ridlon, G. T. (Gideon Tibbetts), 1841- cn - Published in 1907
... He was the son of Daniel and Rebecca (Jamison) Leasure, and was b. in Iowa Jan. 30, 1860. He sold ...
LEASUREGenealogical and personal history of the Allegheny Valley, Pennsylvania, (Volume 1)
Author: Jordan, John W. (John Woolf), 1840-1921 - Published in 1913
... son of a seventh son, George Leasure, was born in Salem, Ohio, February 18, 1864. He was a babe when ...

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