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Lane: Origin and places
Lane: Place of Origin :  London (United Kingdom) |  Gloucestershire (United Kingdom) |  Herefordshire and Worcester (United Kingdom) |  Devon (United Kingdom) |  Lancashire (United Kingdom) |  Warwickshire (United Kingdom)
Lane: Family Trees of the Lanes
LANE Macclesfield (Cheshire, England, United Kingdom) 1825 - 1907
LANE Bishops Cleeve (Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom) 1859 - 1897
LANE Cleobury Mortimer (Shropshire, England, United Kingdom) 1864 - 1985
LANE Forest Of Dean (Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom) 1944 - 1993
LANE Kentisbeare (Devon, England, United Kingdom) 1754 - 1915
LANE Knighton On Teme, Worcestershire (Herefordshire And Worcester, England, United Kingdom) 1885 - 1908
LANE Neen Savage (Shropshire, England, United Kingdom) 1841 - 1917
LANE Pencombe, Herefordshire (Herefordshire And Worcester, England, United Kingdom) 1913 - 1990
LANE Rose Cottage,Baveney Wood,Neen Savage (Shropshire, England, United Kingdom) 1862 - 1941
LANE St Mary, Kentisbeare (Devon, England, United Kingdom) 1763 - 1883

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Lane: Geneanet Members
Photo Carol AMBROSE LANECarol AMBROSE LANE Photo Raymond LANERaymond LANE Photo Lance LANELance LANE Photo de John LANEJohn LANE Photo de Christopher LANEChristopher LANE Photo de Eleanor LANEEleanor LANE
Lane: Famous Genealogies
LANE Rollin B.
LANE Rollin B. born LANE Rollin Benjamin (1854 - 1940)
American lawyer, banker, newspaper editor and real estate investor
 The last name Lane is related to the following famous family trees :
        IVES James Merritt (1824 - 1895)
        BRIDGES Jeff born BRIDGES Jeffrey Leon (1949 - )
        JOHNSON Caleb born JOHNSON Caleb Perry (1991 - )
        BARRYMORE John born BARRYMORE John Sidney (1882 - 1942)
        MERIWETHER Lee born MERIWETHER Lee Ann (1935 - )

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