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Lamb: Origin and places
The name was probably taken from the sign of a lamb at an inn, the young of the sheep kind; Welsh, Llamer, to skip; Gaelic, Leum. The primitive Celtic or Gaelic Lam signified armor, as a dart, a blade, or sword; hence, to lam signified to disable, injure, maim, from which we have lame and limp.
Origin of the Last Name Lamb
Lamb: Place of Origin :  Lancashire (United Kingdom) |  London (United Kingdom) |  County Durham (United Kingdom) |  Cheshire (United Kingdom) |  Northumberland (United Kingdom) |  Strathclyde (United Kingdom)
Lamb: Family Trees of the Lambs
LAMB Burwarton (Shropshire, England, United Kingdom) 1874 - 1880
LAMB Cleobury North (Shropshire, England, United Kingdom) 1882 - 1892
LAMB Hastings, Sussex (East Sussex, England, United Kingdom) 1872 - 1949
LAMB Walworth (London, England, United Kingdom) 1849 - 1859
LAMB Bournemouth (Dorset, England, United Kingdom) 1903 - 1929
LAMB Gateshead (County Durham, England, United Kingdom) 1894 - 1932
LAMB Newcastle Upon Tyne (Northumberland, England, United Kingdom) 1790 - 1968
LAMB Northumberland (Northumberland, England, United Kingdom) 1920 - 1979
LAMB Orston (Nottinghamshire, England, United Kingdom) 1815 - 1898
LAMB Lanark Parish, Lanarkshire (Strathclyde, Scotland, United Kingdom) 1803 - 1888

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Lamb: Geneanet Members
Photo Sarah LAMBSarah LAMB Photo Susan LAMBSusan LAMB Photo de Ruth LAMBRuth LAMB Photo de Brian LAMBBrian LAMB Photo de Gideon LAMBGideon LAMB Photo de JULIE LAMBJULIE LAMB
Lamb: Famous Genealogies
LAMB William
LAMB William (1779 - 1848)
British Whig statesman who served as Home Secretary and Prime Minister
 The last name Lamb is related to the following famous family trees :
        PETTY Adam born PETTY Adam Kyler (1980 - 2000)
        PETTY Kyle born PETTY Kyle Eugene (1960 - )
        PETTY Richard born PETTY Richard Lee (1937 - )
        LIMBAUGH Rush born LIMBAUGH Rush Hudson (1951 - )
        STREEP Meryl born STREEP Mary Louise (1949 - )

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