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Kerr: Origin and places
(Gaelic, Welsh, and Cor. Br.) Kaer, a castle; figuratively, strong, valiant; car, dear, a kinsman, a friend; Danish, Kier, dear, lovely.
Origin of the Last Name Kerr
Spelling Variations : KEW | KEN | KERR
Kerr: Place of Origin :  Strathclyde (United Kingdom) |  Lothian (United Kingdom) |  Lancashire (United Kingdom) |  London (United Kingdom) |  Tayside (United Kingdom) |  Grampian (United Kingdom)
Kerr: Family Trees of the Kerrs
KERR St Cuthbert, Edinrshire, Edinburgh, Edinburghshire (Lothian, Scotland, United Kingdom) 1883 - 1888
KERR Dundee City, Forfarshire (Tayside, Scotland, United Kingdom) 1796 - 1834
KERR Dundee, Angus (Tayside, Scotland, United Kingdom) 1825 - 1857
KERR Dundee, Forfarshire (Tayside, Scotland, United Kingdom) 1826 - 1868
KERR Liberton, Midlothian (Lothian, Scotland, United Kingdom) 1680 - 1818
KERR Newton, Midlothian (Lothian, Scotland, United Kingdom) 1736 - 1856
KERR Scotland (Scotland, United Kingdom) 1726 - 1891
KERR Richmond (Surrey, England, United Kingdom) 1837 - 1913
KERR York, Yorkshire (North Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom) 1883 - 1887
KERR Dundee, Angus (Tayside, Scotland, United Kingdom) 1883 - 1894

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Kerr: Geneanet Members
Photo de Stacey KERRStacey KERR Photo de Jenny KERRJenny KERR Photo de James KERRJames KERR Photo de Cindie KERRCindie KERR Photo de Erik KERRErik KERR Photo de Christopher KERRChristopher KERR
Kerr: Famous Genealogies
KERR Steve
KERR Steve born KERR Stephen Douglas (1965 - )
Retired American professional basketball player
KERR John H.
KERR John H. born KERR John Hosea (1873 - 1958)
American jurist and politician
Kerr: Famous People
 The last name Kerr is related to the following famous family trees :
        ANDERSON Laurie born ANDERSON Laura Phillips (1947 - )
        MARCH Fredric born BICKEL Ernest Frederic McIntyre (1897 - 1975)
        CAVENDISH William (1720 - 1764)
        HALE Lucy born HALE Karen Lucille (1989 - )
        HARLEY William S. born HARLEY William Sylvester (1880 - 1943)

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